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Local fundraising opportunity supports education, local foods, community and food business development.

• What if you could market a delicious pasta sauce that used local tomatoes to raise money for local schools and charities?

• What if the recipe could be developed at your local high school or by a local chef/restaurant?

• What if this gave students a chance to explore career opportunities in many areas of food, business, and agriculture?

• What if the label could identify your community, your student groups, your fundraising goals, local businesses supporters, and the farms providing the tomatoes?

• What if the students and community leaders who helped the project could visit the food production center on the day their pasta sauce was being made?

Locally developed, locally sourced, professionally prepared and packaged pasta sauce that serves your community goals.

If you are a local business, restaurant or chef in a community that could use a program like this to build community pride and make some money for local causes, here is your opportunity.

If you are an educator or with a school - especially those with culinary training or agriculture programs, this is a great way to introduce students to the wide range of exciting careers in food and agriculture. All the way from growing, to recipe design and food safety, to graphic design, web work, food manufacturing, software development and implementation, sales and marketing.

Each program will generate 2,100 jars of pasta sauce (32 oz) from 7,000 lbs of tomatoes locally grown in your community.

Recipes can be meatless or include meat

• Please contact us for more information .

Pasta Sauce undraiser