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About the Artisan Food Products Network

Our mission is to grow business markets and networks that support artisan food products. We are doing this work in collaboration with the Midwest Food Products Association.

Our network helps develop the growing market for professionally managed artisan food product manufacturing services. We welcome food businesses, artisan food entrepreneurs, industry suppliers, and supporters. We work to develop valuable bridges that bring ''big food'' and ''small food'' together for the shared purpose of growing valuable new food businesses to meet growing consumer demand for local/regional and specialty foods.

Learn about the amazing reach of the 113 year old Midwest Food Products Association (MWFPA). More than 19 million people - over 80 percent of the population of their 3 core states - live in a county represented by an MWFPA plant of member office. MWFPA represents 345 separate lines of business supporting the food industry. Amazing.

How we define 'artisan'

WINK opening

Opening the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen. 2010.